Germany is a Country of Immigration

Global migration and increasing diversity are key challenges. Today and Tomorrow.

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New Policy Brief “Paper tigers or milestones? A comparison of the integration acts of the Bundesländer” published


Simon Morris-Lange Discusses Inclusive Schools at European Expert Meeting


Annual Report 2017 published


Spotlights: One Voice – one Issue

A Solid Foundation: German-Polish Relations

Germany and Poland have a great deal in common, despite their differences. Following an eventful history, German-Polish relations today stand on a firm foundation. Economically and culturally the two countries are closely interlinked: Germany has been Poland’s most important trading partner for more than two decades, and in no other foreign country do as many people learn German as in Poland. Of the 2.3 million or so German language learners in Poland, about 2.1 million are children. Especially after the fall of the Wall in 1989 close, cross-border relationships developed in many areas, with hundreds of town-twinning schemes, school and university partnerships as well as cooperation between German federal states and Polish Voivodships. Facilitators, such as the Goethe Institute, the DAAD ... More ...

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