Germany is a Country of Immigration

Global migration and increasing diversity are key challenges. Today and Tomorrow.

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Spotlights: One Voice – one Issue

The schooling of refugees: targeted concepts pave the way for integration

Hamburg, March 2018. An estimated 130,000 young refugees have been absorbed into the German school system since 2015. Most lack sufficient knowledge of German, many have missed one or more years of school and some have been traumatised by war and their refugee journey. Many of the young refugees living in larger cities go to so-called ‘segregated schools.’ (In Germany, the term ‘segregated school’ is generally used to refer to schools in which first-and second-generation migrants make up the majority of the student population.) The education of refugee children and adolescents puts schools and education policy to the test: How can these kids be successfully integrated into the German school system? What concepts in the schooling of young refugees have been successful? What kind of support ... More ...

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