Many Gods, One State: Religious Diversity and Participation in Germany as an Immigration Country

Annual Report 2016 with Integration Barometer

April 2016

The SVR's 2016 Annual Report looks at religious diversity in Germany as an immigration country and the resulting institutional, political and legal challenges. The analysis shows that the equal institutional treatment of Islam is on the right track, but there are still open issues. The Annual Report also shows that the significance of religion is overrated for integration. The special section on migration and development addresses how the stronger link between migration and development strived for by the EU has developed. It was found that the prerequisites for a coherent migration and development policy continue to be lacking at EU level – although this is essential for the frequently invoked fight against the causes of people seeking refuge.
An Integration Barometer was conducted for the fourth time for this Annual Report. It once again shows that the integration climate is predominantly positive for all groups of origin.