Economic Independence as an Integration Strategy. Taking Stock of the Structures to Promote Integration in Germany.

Study | September 2010

(Only available in German)

More and more people with a migration background are self-employed. However, despite high rates of company start-ups, there are also high rates of bankruptcy and insolvency. As a result, giving targeted support to prospective start-up owners and freelancers with a migration background is a high priority. In this study, the Expert Council evaluates existing support structures. Around 480 self-employed individuals with Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese migration background were interviewed. The analysis shows that there is a great need for support services specially adapted to this target group and that the target group is often unaware of existing services. The Expert Council provides a range of recommendations which could help optimise the support infrastructure geared toward support organisations and policymakers. For example, a guidance system should be systematically established and the chambers of commerce and industry should be involved in building bridges. In addition, access to support services should be facilitated and awareness raised about the economic and integrative potential of freelancers with a migration background.