Triple Win or Zero Sum Game? Opportunities, Borders and Future Prospects for Circular Migration Programmes in the German Context.

SVR Info | September 2011

(Only available in German)

Ideally, everyone stands to gain from circular migration or temporary work permits for third country nationals in Europe who then return to their country of origin with the knowledge and skills they acquired: the country of origin, the host country and the immigrants themselves. But is this really the case? In this paper, the Expert Council analyses circular migration programmes which aim to provide temporary European work permits for people from emerging and developing countries. It examines the potential they have to link migration and development policy in a meaningful way, what is required to achieve positive economic impacts on the countries of origin and what the benefits of circular migration are for the host country and the migrants themselves. The Expert Council's recommendations are directed at political actors and employer associations. The Expert Council, for example, recommends testing and evaluating programmes for circular migration in a pilot context.