Study and Work – How International Students Experience Their Job Search in Germany (April 2015 – December 2017)

How do international students experience their post-study job search in Germany? How do these experiences differ from their initial expectations? And what are the effects of these experiences on former students’ intentions to stay in or leave Germany?

The two-year research project featured the first-ever longitudinal analysis of the study-to-work transition of international students in Germany. Students were surveyed toward the end of their studies and 18 months later, i.e. the maximum duration of Germany’s post-study job search visa (Section 16 subs. 4 Residence Act). This way, the Expert Council’s Research Unit seeked to compare international students’ attitudes and expectations toward finding employment in Germany with their actual post-study experiences. Furthermore, migration patterns both in and outside of Germany were analysed.

The project was funded by Stifterverband and Stiftung Mercator. The results were published in December of 2017.


Study – Summary

From lecture hall to landing a job. International students starting their careers in Germany

Policy Brief – Summary

One Step Ahead. International Students Improve Professional Opportunities through Practical Experience


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