2022 Integration Climate: Slightly More Positive, With a Few Exceptions

SVR Report | December 2022

The SVR’s Integration Barometer measures the “integration climate” in Germany’s immigration society and captures the population’s perceptions of and attitudes towards integration and migration. This fourth nationwide survey, which had more than 15,000 respondents, is representative of people with and without a migration background at both the national and regional level. At the national level the survey is also representative of various groups of origin.

The integration climate has proved to be extraordinarily stable. A slightly more positive trend can be made out across all groups of origin when findings are compared to those of the previous survey conducted in 2019/20. The Integration Climate Index rose from 66.3 to 68.5 points. The increase over the last two years was especially notable among people without a migration background – it grew by 2.5 points to 68.1. The Integration Climate Index among people with a migration background rose by 1.3 points to a total of 70.1.